Walmart vs Amazon

The Showdown: Walmart vs Amazon

Two top retailing companies, each specializing in high quality products with the most reasonable prices. The difference however, one operating online only while the other conquering the real world. Let’s compare the two and see which one surpasses the other.


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A top retailing multinational company which was formed by Sam Walton in 1962. It offers products in high quality with exceptionally low prices. Walmart has developed into a huge chain of supermarkets all over the world. Everyone knows about Walmart and the benefits it offers. It is known highly for its grocery items. Although Walmart was specifically created for this purpose, it has managed to expand its trade and has succeeded quite richly. Walmart is basically the brick and mortar version of Amazon; you can find everything in it. From technology to grocery to clothes and so on, it is all available there. The difference however lies in the fact that you need to walk a little in Walmart and assess your choices while carrying a trolley. This is while you can simply select from your home in Amazon. Either way both offer extensive products with cheap rates. You definitely have to wait in a line to get your stuff checkout and eventually leave, but the plus point is that you can need stuff at 12 PM in the night and you will be able to get it. Where as in Amazon you have to wait for a couple of days to get your stuff. Walmart has its own advantages of looking for items while you are there. Amazon requires a simple scroll. Walmart wants you to be productive while Amazon teaches you to be lazy and simply order from home but if you have a problem and can’t go out then Amazon is your go to option.


Amazon is a retailing company whose roots are deeply embedded in the online world. Daily, the customers visiting it, buy millions of products. Its products are of high quality and they are usually available in newly formed packages i.e. the products are new with no sign of any used symbol on them. People buy almost everything be that food or beauty products or hot tubs or anything else they need from Amazon. It all comes without worrying about any sort of compromise in the quality. It is widely known for its great technology, both in services and in products. When we discuss services, then keep in mind that many people prefer online shopping so that they don’t have to go and get it. They prefer it delivered right at their doorstep, Amazon provides you with this opportunity. There is no cashier counter service, or computer service for both of which you have to wait in line. On Amazon you simply pay for your order through your credit cards or other means without worrying about queue. You just click and voila! It is done. Amazon started from selling books to selling nearly everything. Even now it has its own bookstore as well as other products available. Usually when people can’t find anything in their nearby stores, they go for Amazon or any other online service. But since Amazon appears to be the king of others, so it always comes first. The prices are extremely low and reasonable as compare to outside world and other services on the internet which is a huge advantage to the customers. Why would they go for a 50$ product when they can get it at 5$ or 10$ on Amazon? If I were them, I would choose Amazon too.

Conclusion of Walmart vs Amazon

In my opinion, when it comes to these two, both are at a tie. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages but both continue to be great. Amazon is said to have extremely low rates but the wait for your product makes it durable. Walmart gives you instant access to your product but you need to get it yourself.

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