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21 Interesting Facts About Walmart

Just like every big famous thing in the world, let's say celebrities, brands, sports, politics, they all come with their hidden interesting facts. Similarly, Walmart comes with its own amazing facts. Following are some of them we are sure you would love to know about.

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  • 1 Walmart happens to be the U.S’ largest seller of organic food.
  • 2 The most popular item sold in Walmart are bananas.
  • 3 Walmart has its private satellite communication network and is said to be one of the largest private owned satellite network.
  • 4 Walmart is said to lose more then 2 billion dollars to theft every year.
  • 5 Back in 2005, Walmart used to have a singles night, where the single people would tie bows to their trolleys. The tradition is long forgotten but it did exist.
  • 6 Walmart is the only place where you could find people at their utmost comfort. You will see them in pajamas as well as formal suits. All kinds of people appear there.
  • 7 It is said that if Walmart were its own country, it would have the 25th largest GDP in the world.
  • 8 Walmart’s CEO earns more in an hour than its employees in one year.
  • 9 Walmart is said to have broken records of all retailing companies and continues to lead up to date.
  • 10 The amount of lawsuits Walmart faces in a year equals to approximately 5000 and more.
  • 11 The code Adam introduced by Walmart in 1994 for missing children was so popular that it was passed as a law.
  • 12 Walmart is said to have the friendliest staff ever, some even greet at the doors and help you throughout the store. This is to attract more customers as well as make shoplifters think twice before they decide to steal something.
  • 13 It is estimated that almost 90% of the population of America live within 15 miles of Walmart.
  • 14 The amount of customers that Walmart sells to on a weekly base reaches up to 200 million.
  • 15 If Walmart were an army, it would be the largest military force after china.
  • 16 Walmart is said to have up to 2.2 million employees working for them. With people at counters to helping the customers out in unloading and loading as well the tips guys’ etc.
  • 17 In 2012, the sales of Walmart reached up to 444 billion dollars which is 20 billion more than Austria’s GDP.
  • 18 The average Walmart super center sells about 140,000 items.
  • 19 When it comes to worth, the Walton’s family (Founder of Walmart) is of as much worth as bill gates or any other famous personality.
  • 20 Approximately 37 million people shop at Walmart every day. The population of Canada is almost 37 million.
  • 21 According to reports, Walmart makes a profit of 1.8-million-dollar average per hour.
  • Walmart is an international global trader, so yes we can expect much from it. But the fact that its standard reaches up to bill gates etc. is surprising even for us. From groceries to clothes and technology, everything is available here. You can get the best organic food as well and they have a section of pharmacy too. Which means once you step foot in it, you can get everything in a good package. But then again, with the facts we discussed, there is not much to be surprised about already.

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