Pros and Cons of Walmart

Positive and Negative reflections on Walmart

Walmart, just like every other successful company has merged into the world famous for its good prices and good stuff. However just like every other company, it comes with its own pros and cons. While it can be helpful, it can be quite distressing too. Let’s discuss the following pros and cons:

Pro Walmart Arguments

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Variety Of Products At Walmart

With its status updated to supercenter, Walmart provides a high range of products. There are cooking utensils and car parts, clothes and washing stuff, grocery and organic food etc. Whatever you want to look for, can be found in Walmart at a good price. The products come in diverse forms. Basically any type you want, you can get.

Walmart Has Great Need Of Employment

Since Walmart is a huge super center, there it requires a great amount of staff to help the people and to help in operating the store. Hence, the employment rate is increased when Walmart opens up in a specific area. Jobs are offered and people are selected. The hours are said to be quite easy so that nobody can experience any sort of problem.

Cheap Rates For Groceries

The rate of a certain product you buy at Walmart and the rate of the same product at Costco or any other retail service will certainly contain a huge amount of reference. The reason is that Walmart always offers products with affordable prices so that anyone can freely shop for anything they want. You can compare their prices with other companies, you will definitely spot out a difference.

Easily Available Store

Since Walmart is a huge chain you can almost find it everywhere. In fact the GPS usually have the information of Walmart stored in it in first go. It is that popular. Anybody in need of groceries or anything else at late times can go to Walmart and get their stuff without any sort of problem. Again with everything available you can simply just shop from one place altogether.

Negatives of Walmart

Walmart's Poor Management Staff

The Walmart staff is said to be the rudest staff in the history of retailers. While they appear sweet and nice to the customers, they are equally harsh to their employees. Employees complain about the behavior of managerial staff almost every year and there have been major lawsuits and strikes against Walmart for this purpose. Based on the reviews of employees, they are very rude and need to give them some slack.

Walmart Is Getting Less Employees

While Walmart is known for hiring employees, the number of employees in the store are still less as compared to the capacity of the store. With the store being humongous and staff being less, the customers usually become irritated with waiting for so long and some get annoyed and leave. It is important to hire according to your company capacity so as to avoid such hurdles.

Illegal Workers At Walmart

Walmart has said to have employed illegal immigrants to do cleaning after hour’s duty. This was counted as an illegal act and in order to avoid a huge scandal, Walmart paid money off the ones discovering the fact so that their secret can remain safe. Whether they still do it or not, is unknown, but it was caught once.

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