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Buy online or offline at Walmart?

You probably have done it yourself, online shopping. Buying your products or services on the internet is becoming extremely popular. Nowadays it is so popular that more than 50% of recent purchases are being made online. There is only one problem, who will bring those amazing products you just bought to your house or office? Retail study showed that 9 out of 10 customers would buy their products online if they would come without shipping costs. These study outcomes made many stores think, and guess what: free shipping. Of course not all bargains will come your way for free. Starting at purchases of 20 USD or more, products will be send without any additional costs. You can also become a member of a store and receive special treatments, such as free shipping.

Walmart Loyalty Program

Walmart Coupon Code Free Shipping You might ask yourself, how do I become a member of a store? A good example is Amazon. With Prime, Amazon found a way to really build a relationship with their customers. By paying an annual fee you subscribe to their services and in return you will receive free shipping on all the purchases you make on For onetime shoppers this would not be beneficial. On the other hand, there are most likely many people in your community that use Amazon on a regular base.

About shipping at Walmart?

Walmart has always been easy going about their shipping policies. With the mindset always room for improvement they made it better anyways. Therefore, Walmart introduced two day shipping for free when purchases of 35 USD and above are made. While shopping you can also check the green logo that says 2 day shipping. With over a million of products that have this logo, there is enough choice for each their needs. Most noteworthy, you do not need a membership fee in order to use the free shipping option. Early in 2016 Walmart tried a loyalty program similar to Amazon Prime. For 49 USD customers received a pass for unlimited free shipping. Unfortunately, because of a lack of interest the loyalty program is canceled and members got their money back.

Walmart shopping means free shipping

For many shoppers who do not want to commit to one store is the Walmart shipping policy great. Due to the two day shipping there are also some disadvantages. Some want their purchases within one- or the same day. While Amazon is already experimenting with a few hours delivery, I am very content with the shipping option that Walmart is providing. Just make sure that whenever you shop online you look twice at the checkout.
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