Dark Secrets Of Walmart

10 Dark Secrets About Walmart

Every single corporation comes with their fair share of secrets, same way Walmart does too. While we don’t mean to sound like a tabloid, there are some of the secrets of Walmart that you should know about.

Top 10 Walmart Secrets

Walmart Coupon Code Dark Secrets Of Walmart1. According to the employees, Walmart its management is the rudest staff available on earth. They treat their employees harshly and making them work for good long hours. Then pay them considerably less than the amount of work they have had to do the entire day.
2. At the start of the day when the store is about to open, an employee claims that all the staff would huddle together, discuss the plans and then break the circle with a huge ‘Walmart’ scream. Question is: How old are they? Sixteen?
3. Most of the items in Walmart are not from USA, rather they are from china. Mostly Asian products are being sold in Walmart so to keep up to their low price policy.
4. Walmart is said to have installed a new store in Mexico with possible bribery. Some of its news broke out before but nobody took any notice of it. It was dealt with by offering more money from Walmart services to others. Bribery in any case is wrong.
5. Some customers claim they saw security cameras in dressing rooms. When they complained about it, they were told that the security and technicians control it, not ‘us’. Women ignored the dressing rooms an checked out without trying their products. One went as far as to post it on her social media site but it did not work.
6. It is said that Walmart is also involved in child slavery. Most of its products come from Asia and while Asia has a bit of child slavery, it is said that Walmart supported this to get more efficient work.
7. Walmart is said to be one of the oldest retailer. However, even now the minds of everyone working their rewinds back to the 50s and a little of sexism is involved. Female employees are usually paid much less as compared to their respective male colleagues.
8. While the prices offered at Walmart are indeed less compared to any other retail store, the quality is often compromised.
9. The best time to shop at Walmart is either early in the morning or late at night. However, late at night you won’t be able to get anything fresh. Early morning you will have everything fresh.
10. To ensure that the employees working overnight would stay in the shop, Walmart would lock all the doors behind them. While some may deem it as a funny situation, it is imperative to point out that many awful incidents have happened with the employees because they couldn’t leave. Some died due to not being able to get help or because of hurricanes. The amount of lawsuits Walmart faces everyday are numerous. These reasons are enough to tell us why.

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